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BJS native language is English. We allready have localizations to Czech, Slovak, Russia and Italian. You don't see your native langugage there? Come and fix this :) It is an easy task.

How to do the localization

You need to have some UTF-8 editor. For example notepad on Windows or gEdit on Linux are sufficient. Then you need to download basic translation file from english to english. The file constist of lines like:

	<string original="Starting server failed." translated="Starting server failed." />
	<string original="EXIT" translated="EXIT" />
	<string original="Name" translated="Name" />
	<string original="Score" translated="Score" />
	<string original="Kills" translated="Kills" />
	<string original="Deaths" translated="Deaths" />

You should rewrite the second string and leave the first string untouched. Example of translated piece is:

	<string original="Starting server failed." translated="Spusteni serveru selhalo" />
	<string original="EXIT" translated="KONEC" />
	<string original="Name" translated="Jmeno" />
	<string original="Score" translated="Body" />
	<string original="Kills" translated="Zabiti" />
	<string original="Deaths" translated="Umrti" />

You may you (and should) use your local characters to make the game as much local as possible.

You probably want to test the file you created. We recommend to translate a piece of the file and then check if the translation is working. If not please check that you produced a valid XML file. If you do mistakes like you forget " or forget /> it will probably cause failure in loading the translation. You may check the validity of XML file by openning it in web browser window.

If you have the translation please be so kind and share it with us so we may add it to the next release :-) Logo
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